Wilkommen, Bienvenue, and Welcome to the Funky Sole Line Dance Club.
Based in Bournemouth and covering the south coast in areas such as Poole, New Milton, Wimborne and Verwood,Funky Sole is  run by award winning Line dance Instructor & International Choreographer Karl Harry Winson along with his dance team Donna and Jo.
Feel free to browse the website and use it to contact Karl and the team, keeping up to date with his latest dances and also keep track of what is being taught at The Funky Sole Line Dance Club.
Thank you for your constant support. See you on the dance floor very floor very soon!


The Funky Sole Team


Contact Karl: 07792984427
Recent Class Teaches

Bonaparte's Retreat by Maddison Glover

Turning Tables by Maddison Glover

Back to the Start by Hayley Wheatley

When You Smile by Jose and Roy

Don't Hurt by Karl Harry Winson and Kate Sala

Wintergreen by Maggie Gallagher

Just a Kiss by Robbie McGowan Hickie

Pocket of Hearts by Maggie Gallagher

Darling, That's The Truth by Gary O'Reilly

Playboys by Karl Harry Winson

Not Complicated by Michelle Risley and Larry Bass

Romeo Tonight by Karl Harry Winson

Faithful Soul by Gary O'Reilly and Maggie Gallagher

Made You Miss by Michelle Risley

Skip The Line by Kate Sala (Revised: 2015)

Half Past Tipsy by Maddison and Rachael 

Floor It! by Rob Fowler

Hey Now! by Gary O'Reilly

Absolutely by Niels Poulsen

Soul Shake by Fred Whitehouse

Morning Sun by Robbie McGowan Hickie

Willpower by Robbie McGowan Hickie

Every Light by Karl Harry Winson

Quarter After One (Revised: 2010)

Water Off a Ducks Back by Hazel Pace (Revised: 2016)

Funky Sole by Robbie and Karl (Revised: 2017)


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Donna's Class Teaches

Just a Memory by Maggie Gallagher

Bonaparte's Retreat by Maddison Glover

Senorita La La La by Julie Wetzel

Black Coffee by Helen O'Malley

Ride Away by Robbie McGowan Hickie

Ok With Me by Michelle Risley

Cold Light of Day by Jamie Barnfield