Karl Harry Winson


     Karl is from Bournemouth and started Line dancing in 2002.

He was introduced to Line dance when his mum booked a local Line Dance group for her

Country and Western themed Birthday party. Karl was practically 'dragged' to a class with his mum 

soon after that. He didn't know what to expect but from the moment he learnt the dances he was



    Karl progressed very quickly, eager to teach himself the harder dances he had seen at different events.

His passion for this unique dance style grew even further and a few years later he started his training

to become a qualified instructor eventually taking over a couple of local classes.

   Line dancing is not Karl's only background but Musical Theatre has also played a major part in his dance training. The influence of Line dance is what helped Karl with his confidence to perform and dance on the stage in front of others. Karl studied at University to earn a BA (Hons) Degree in Musical Theatre and on the sideline was a vocal coach at theatre schools to young people with the same ambitions as he had. 

   Choreography has always been a passion for Karl looking up to other choreographers who inspire him within the dance world such as Rob Fowler and Robbie McGowan Hickie.  Karl and Robbie have collaborated on dances together, many of them hit dances (Legend, Alcazar, Alvaro, Your Place or Mine and Unpredictable to name but a few) but Karl's biggest dance to have taken off to date has to be his 2018 hit dance Graffiti, choreographed to Keith Urbans hit song "Never Comin' down". Other accolades to Karl's name include UK Instructor of the Year, UK Choreographer of the Year, Male Personality and Dncae of the Year in 2014 for Alcazar.


   In his own words ' Line dancing is such an amazing form of dance and I am very proud to be part of it. The way it has evolved over the years with it's music, steps and global interest is fascinating. You get to meet so many amazing people and watching them dance your choreography and having fun is the highlight of it all. '

  Even though Karl is travelling internationally teaching dance, his heart is still in Bournemouth  running classes in Dorset along with his team Donna and Jo under the name “Funky Sole Line Dance Club”. 



    Donna has been involved in dance since an early age. Starting Ballroom and Latin American at the

age of 8 along with her sister, to  finding herself involved in a Line dance class whilst in between badminton

and netball practice back in 1998.

   In 2011 Donna became a regular member at Karl's Line dance classes and began helping out with

social events to eventually becoming an instructor herself now running beginner classes and covering

Karl's classes when needed. She caters to the Beginner and Improver Level dancer, encouraging new and

enthusiastic dancers and brightens the dance floor with her infectious energy and personality.

   Other than Line dance, Donna is also a valued member of local Amature Dramatic Soiceties, going back

to 2012 when she was Karl's dance captain for the show he directed "Legends" performed at Poole


    Donna is proud to be part of the Funky Sole team and looks forward to many more years of teaching

and social dancing.



     Since the age of 6, dancing has been Jo's passion.

She began with Modern dance and shortly after she joined a local Line dance club at 7 years old.

Jo loved Line dance immediately as she was able add my own style to the dance.

The different genre's of music Line dance offered certainty appealed to Jo. Jo started Tap dancing

very soon after she started Modern dance, and so, these 3 styles of dance saw her through a

few years. In Jo's early teens she started Ballet, progressed to graded exams Ballet, which lead

to point work. Jo has taken part in regular shows at Weymouth Pavilion, and won a few awards

for her dancing through her childhood and into her teenage years. 


     In 2016, Jo started teaching for a local instructor. He allowed me to gain my confidence teaching, and have since covered his classes when he was unable to instruct. Jo now teaches for him regularly, and assists him at local workshops. Jo is also a valued member of Funky Sole also covering Karl's classes from time to time and assists Karl with the admin for Funky Sole. Jo's full time job is being a Midwife, which takes up the majority of  time, but she is still able to squeeze in the Linedancing when she can.