Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!

   Good Day one and all and welcome to the  FUNKY SOLE Linedance Club. Based in Bournemouth and covering the south of Dorset in areas such as Poole, New Milton, Wimborne and Verwood.


   Hosted by award winning Line dance Instructor & International Choreographer Karl Harry Winson along with his dance partners Donna and Jo.

    Feel free to browse the website and use it to contact Karl, keep up with his latest dances and also keep track of what is being taught at The FUNKY SOLE Line Dance Club.

   Thank you for your constant support. See you on the dance floor very floor very soon!


Karl Harry Winson


Bonaparte's Retreat by Maddison Glover

Playboys by Karl Harry Winson

Not Complicated by Michelle Risley and Larry Bass

Romeo Tonight by Karl Harry Winson

Faithful Soul by Gary O'Reilly and Maggie Gallagher

Made You Miss by Michelle Risley

Skip The Line by Kate Salal [2015]

Half Past Tipsy by Maddison Glover and Rachael McEneany

Floor It! by Rob Fowler

Hey Now! by Gary O'Reilly

Absolutely by Niels Poulsen

Soul Shake by Fred Whitehouse

Backroad Nation by Diana Dawson

Morning Sun by Robbie McGowan Hickie

Willpower by Robbie McGowan Hickie

Every Light by Karl Harry Winson







   Karl is from Bournemouth and started Line dancing in 2002. He was introduced when his mum had a group of Line dancers at her Country & Western themed 50th Birthday party. Karl was practically 'dragged' to a class with his mum. He didn't know what to expect but his first dance was 'California Freeze' and from that moment he was hooked.

Karl progressed very quickly teaching himself dances from the step sheets of dances he had seen at Socials.

   Karl's passion for Line Dancing grew and a few years later he trained to teach and every so often would teach a dance to the class he attended for experience.

In 2006 Karl's instructor, Roger Swansbrough who ran the club Marshals Line Dancing unfortunately died. A car accident left him paralyzed for a year and then unfortunately passed away which left the club without an instructor. Karl was asked to stand in and the rest is history.

   Just after Karl started Line dancing he also joined the Stagecoach theatre school in Bournemouth as his ambition at the time was to be on the West End Stage. It was Line dance that helped him with his confidence on the stage and dancing in front of people. Karl studied at University to earn a BA (Hons) Degree in Musical Theatre. Karl teaches singing at theatre schools to young people with the same ambitions. He's directed his own production and been involve in 'extra' work for TV.

   Choreography has always been a passion for Karl looking up to other choreographers who inspire him such as Rob Fowler and Robbie McGowan Hickie.  His first dance published in Linedancer Magazine was 'Through The Grapevine', an Improver Level dance to the hit song by Marvin Gaye.

   One of his highlights was to meet his inspiration Robbie McGowan Hickie and he thanks Robbie for helping him in the Line Dance world and encouraging him with the choreography. They have collaborated on dances together, many of them hit dances (Alcazar, Alvaro, Your Place or Mine and Unpredictable to name but a few). In his own words ' Line dancing is such an amazing form of dance and I am very proud to be part of it. The way it has evolved over the years with it's music steps and global interest is fascinating. You get to meet so many amazing people and watching them dance your dancing and having fun is the highlight of it all. '

As well as travelling around the globe, Karl is still running classes in the Heart of Dorset under the name “Funky Sole Line Dance Club” a club that Roger Swansbrough would be proud of.